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15th February 2020 - 8.30pm

Rolo McGinty and Wayne Urquhart (of The Woodentops)

"The performance at HCY Dec 2009 opened new doors for me. I had never thought to play live music without the Woodentops and since that night I have done so many times. Even a residency in Tokyo.  Mal Darwen who came with me and I performed many times together, really stylised what we did at HCY. It is one of the favourite performances of my entire musical life. Mal at the time was a part of the Woodentops team and again I will be bringing with me one of the current Woodentops family, Wayne Urquhart a seriously accomplished musician.  I’m expecting we will pull some unusual shapes ranging from cello and voice to guitar and bass and maybe a laptop on hand. I'd also like to play, rather than perform it, a version of a track that happened first time ever, in that room. I've been waiting a long time to get back in there! "

Rolo McGinty.

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In 2010 we held probably our most memorable and anarchic gig, when Rolo pitched up for one of the Woodentops first shows following their re-appearance after many years. It sold out instantly with fans arriving from all over the UK... now he's back - with new albums under his belt, and fresh from major Christmas and New Year shows in London.

You’d be hardpressed to find any club-going alternative music fan in the mid 80’s who didn’t have a copy of The Woodentops’ ‘Giant’ LP spinning in heavy rotation on their turntable.  Infectious tunes like “Good Thing”, “Give It Time” and “Get It On” were catchy, quirky, but anything but mainstream..

"If you were to poll for THE Top Ten Balearic Beats, without a doubt The Woodentops Why Why Why would be in there. When Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, and Johnny Walker returned from their life-changing holiday in Ibiza, Why Why Why was one of the tunes they came back with. Oakenfold subsequently including it on Balearic Beats Volume One AKA Alfredo`s Greatest Hits.

I knew The Woodentops. Prompted by Morrissey`s endorsement of the band, I`d bought the early 12s. The LP, Giant, upon its release in 1986. I saw them live. On one occasion, supporting The Smiths. The band`s lyrics climbed trees. Climbed mountains. Espoused Hippy anti-consumerism, back to nature, ideals. Set to a frantic Folk, Skiffle. With Funky Prince Alphabet Street licks. Like the best bits of James (I never warmed to Tim Booth). Everything they played and sang sounded political. At odds with the government line, Thatcherism, and Yuppie bullshit. Protest songs, without having to spell it out a la Billy Bragg. There were race riots on Everyday Living. Rising unemployment. Yet the mood was sunny. Full of positivity and euphoria. Love Train preached unity. Way before the E gripped us all. Travelling Man`s destination was “Joy”. " [Interview, 2018].