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Come Gather Round Us & Hollis Bills - 30 October 2010

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For those who came along to the sell out Catherine Feeny show in 2009, we were lucky to get a glimpse of some of her work with the project 'Come Gather Round Us'. So, a year later, we were delighted to welcome her back, this time with more musicians - Mike Danner, Catherine Feeny, & The Challenge of Feral Green.

"you are my must buy album of the year so far. the harmonies and musicianship on this album are nothing short of breathtaking."

"It's not only the fantastic three-part harmonies that grabbed me about this album, but the the memorable melodies and the very 'real' and home-hitting lyrical content. Equally as appropriate in the car CD player on a sunny day as it is on your bedroom stereo as a night-time lullaby. As a self-confessed Catherine Feeney fan, I'm proud to say that I love this album and you should too."

"Outstanding debut by a group of like-minded musicians who clearly love making music and have a degree of passion sadly lacking in a lot of contempraneous music. Draws on the indignation of sixties protest songs and the harmonies of really great vocal groups (more RJ Fox than CSNY, but not many people have heard of RJ Fox which is a shame!) but all without sounding at all dated.."

This band is not looking forward to a major-label debut. Iconoclastic and staunchly anti-establishment, COME GATHER ROUND US conjures the naive political angst of the early 1960s, when songwriters thought they could change the world and they gave a sh*t enough to try.

There are voices. There are guitars. There are reeds. There are hammers. The total is more than the sum of its parts. COME GATHER ROUND US.