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Ben Parker & Kate Aumonier - 25 July 2009

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Ben Parker: After 2 sell-out shows he came back.... fresh from working on the new biopic of John Lennon, and with lots of new songs, but the same charismatic charm that makes these probably the most enjoyable (and longest) shows of the year !

"Nowhere Boy begins with Lennon's birth in 1940 during a bombing raid on Liverpool and ends 20 years later, with the Beatles heading for Hamburg. The late 1950s was a seismic moment in Britain for music, when the arrival of American rock and blues records – brought to Liverpool by the “Cunard Yanks” who worked the ocean liners – set fire to young imaginations across the country. Getting those musical details right, from sourcing period guitars, to building a tea chest bass, to teaching the young actors how to play and sing, was the job of music consultant Ben Parker.

Lennon “would have been pretty terrible at this point in his life,” says Parker. “That was on my side. With Aaron, the challenge was not so much to get him to sound like John, but just to find the bit of singer in him. The show-off.” Did he find it? Parker raises his eyebrows, meaningfully. What 19-year-old actor doesn't have an inner Freddie Mercury?"

Kate Aumonier, a London-based singer-songwriter grafted away behind the scenes for several years before making her album debut in 2004 with the acclaimed Here I Am. The former drama school student was talent spotted by veteran UK producer Glyn Johns, who recommended Aumonier to travel to Los Angeles and team up with his son Ethan, also a renowned producer. She worked on albums with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt’s Grammy-nominated duo album, Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions.

"I heard Kate sing a few years ago at the Royal Albert Hall and she blew me away. Her acoustic rock style is delivered superbly and when she lets go at the peak of her songs it sends shivers down your spine."

"What an amazing album! This girl sings like she's packing a punch, her spirit comes across in every song which in turn lifts you up out of that car seat/sofa/kitchen sink and makes you want to get in those speakers and rock alongside her. The songs are neither lofty nor manufactured - the lyrics are in turn witty, moving or just make you want to sing along. This is the kind of singer you hear on a CD then long for tour dates - she will surely set her audiences ablaze. A brilliant debut, I can't wait to see her live."