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Marybeth D'Amico - 11 June 2009

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Produced by Bradley Kopp and assisted by musicians Paul Pearcy, David Webb, Richard Bowden and Lloyd Maines, she gives us 10 songs which will be talked about for a long time in Americana-circles! Somewhere on the fault line between Americana, folk, country and pop, the songs really get under your skin, revealing Marybeth to be a very talented storyteller. These ten little gems are often sombre and melancholy, but always have a great melody. Listen once and we guarantee you'll be sold on them! We're pretty sure we'll be hearing a lot more from D'Amico in the future. (Review, Aug 2008).

Heaven, Hell, Sin & Redemption” launched in July 2008 gets its’ dark name from the characters that inhabit the ten songs: from the single mother who can’t seem to settle in one place to the minister involved in a sex scandal; the young couple that decides to break away from a fundamentalist upbringing to the true-to-life story of a guy sitting on Death Row in Ohio. But no cause for depression here: most of the melodies are infectious and will have you humming along.