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Zoe Keating - with support from Changing Horses and Mark Grassick
15 April 2011

Artist's website:

Zoë Keating is a one-woman orchestra. She uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop that records layer upon layer of cello to create lush, beautiful and otherworldy music. Increasingly considered a role model for DIY artists, her self-released albums have sold over 35,000 copies and her latest album "Into The Trees" spent 14th weeks on the Billboard classical charts. A former member of Rasputina, Zoë has toured and recorded with a wide range of artists, including Mark Isham, Imogen Heap, Curt Smith, John Vanderslice, Amanda Palmer, DJ Shadow and Paolo Nutini.

Changing Horses:

“Changing Horses sound fantastic. I’ve had them on in the car non-stop for weeks and the more I listen the better they sound! I can’t wait to see them live.”

“It is so refreshing when something genuinely new, fresh and a little bit startling comes along. Changing Horses tick all three boxes.”

“5/5” Review- The Kaje

“10/10” Review- The Ark

“A fresh sound for fans of bands like The White Stripes/David Byrn/Talking Heads and Kate Bush”
- T-Schnieders, Associated Contents


Everything about this superb debut CD screams quality.

From the exquisite photography gracing the sleeve ( and the whole packaging in general ) to the songwriting, the musicianship and the sensational vocals of Ric Birtil who is wonderfully supported by Francesca Cullen.

If you like quirky, intelligent songwriting with subject matter ranging from a desire to kill a loved one " TIL DEATH DO US PART " with lyrics like " Sometimes I leave a radio by the bathtub in the hope that tragedy becomes good luck " to the outright pop brilliance of the love song " LETS GO DANCING " - " I feel as though I will explode and piece by piece you come and find me and put me back together again " then you should go to CHANGING HORSES myspace or and order a copy of this magnificent work.

Better still, go catch them live at a gig and support this, soon to be chart topping, duo.

There is a refreshing originality to Changing Horses and it is very difficult to pigeon hole, although I can hear Marc Bolan, Sparks and Talking Heads at times with the pop sensibility of Mika hence my prediction of huge commercial success. "

"Bands arriving in pyjamas and mic-checking with “One two/I’m a hoto by Jonathan Markwellbig poo” have that effect on crowds. However, as the band launch into their opening song this quickly turns to, at the very least, keen interest. Ric Birtill’s vocals are a barely controlled Robert Plant-esque howl, the melodies are instantly memorable and multi-instrumentalist Francesca provides real depth and texture to the songs, switching between violin, ukulele and a melodica that looks like it came from the Early Learning Centre. It’s an unconventional set, and almost seems they know how good they are, so to make it fair for the other bands apply handicaps to themselves; for example, during the lively opener frontman Ric occasionally pauses to point out people he knows in the crowd and encourages everyone to ‘moo’ (genuinely). He makes sure everyone knows one track (Bellyaches) is about bowel-movements, and ends another brilliantly twitchy number with a proper vocal freakout; the kind you’d expect from an unknown hardcore band in some dingy dive.

It couldn’t be more out of keeping with the rest of the night, yet it also couldn’t be more brilliant. I spent the next 3 days humming ‘Cut All Strings’.

After the echo of guitars, melodicas and violins has died away, we’re told that anyone can have a free EP in exchange for signing up to their mailing list. I join everyone elsePhoto by Jonathan Markwell with working ears and make my way over. It’s very good. No moo-ing though.

Anybody would have a hard time following Changing Horses; to match them on ability, songwriting and sheer self-belief would be tricky." [Review 2010].

Mark Grassick (of Deer Park):

"The lyrical sensibilities of Conor Oberst and the raw energy of The Hold Steady, Deer Park’s infectious melodies have a kind of ‘last hit of whisky’ downbeat drama that smacks of early Springsteen. A joy."

Deer Park is a collective of sorts, a constantly shifting entity. A band, yet also a person. Sometimes two. Maybe three, if you're lucky. Occasionally it's a lot of people. It's always Mark Christopher Grassick, the man who writes and sings the songs. Deer Park started as a stage name and expanded. Now it also covers Lizzy O'Connor (vocals, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, accordion and percussion) and Matthew Boulter (lap steel, guitar, vocals). Together, they've played with The Acorn, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Simone Felice, The Fruit Bats, John Vanderslice, Luke Doucet, Dan Mangan, Common Prayer and many more. Their debut album was released in October 2009, featuring guest appearances from members of Woodpigeon, The Oxygen Ponies and Stagecoach.