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Mark Geary - with Alistair Griffin, & Lights - 28 June 2008

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Mark Geary:

Of all the CD's we have had lying around when other artists have been playing, it is Mark Geary's that they have reached for - a true musician's musician, and one which has been played more times than any other - by popular request! They all have said that we had to try and get him to play, so after months of arranging, here it is - his only UK gig for which he is specially flying in.

One reviewer wrote of his first first album 33 1/3 Grand Street, that...

" Road Trips were made for this CD. The lyrics are beautifully written, and the music is just brilliant. He made a name for himself in New York and is currently just blowing up in Ireland, where he is headlining and selling out places like its nobody's business. He's performed with artists such as Josh Ritter and Elvis Costello, which only furthers his songwriting credibility, and his live performances are even more energetic and impressive than the album itself. But the record has a vibe very similar to that of Paul Simon's Graceland, in terms of the mellowness, tempo and rythym. Gingerman is a great song to open up with, and Obi's Chair is super as well. It Beats Me and Suzanne are also favorites of mine, and I'll round out the top five with America. But songs like South and Volunteer are like guitar magic, whatever that means. Some of the songs are very reminiscent of Nick Drake and even a little Counting Crowish at times, maybe thats just me. But this is a great acoustic type album with great songs and songwriting, and one that only gets better with play. Keep listening to it, and you'll love it."

His second album 'Ghosts' was produced by the same team that worked on Josh Ritter's 'Hello Starling', and in fact features Josh on vocals. While the link to Ritter is obvious, his writing and delivery is closer to Ron Sexsmith and he has the same accessibility and immediacy that makes this material appealing to a wide range of people. 'Ghosts' is an accomplished collection - highly recommended.

His new album 'Opium' is released on April 11th 2008

Hailing from the north-east of England, Alistair Griffin is a singer-songwriter whose own brand of indie pop has gained him fans far and wide and attracted the attention and praise of musical legends as auspicious and diverse as BeeGee Robin Gibb and the prince of darkness himself, Ozzie Osborne. Gibb, who discovered Alistair on Fame Academy, described him as “a unique talent” and proved the point by writing and dueting with Griffin, reaching No5 in the UK charts. Won over by his anarchic sense of humour, as well as his music, Ozzie said, “This guy’s the dog’s bollocks”

It is not just our opinion that Ben Leftwich is one of the best young singer songwriter's in York at the moment. "It seems that for now this 18 year old can do no wrong".