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York & Yorkshire Bibliographies and Publishing History:

a work in progress.....


An Elegy to the Memory of Mr. John Hildyard, Bookseller in York, who died January 29, 1757, aged 46. [Signed: J. T. York, i.e. John Todd?] / [by] T., J., of York ; Hildyard, John, Bookseller at York ; Todd, John, Bookseller, of York, the Elder . 1757

The Life of Mr Thomas Gent, Printer, of York. Thomas Gent, 1832.

Memoir of the York Press. Robert Davies. 1868. Reprinted by Ken Spelman, 1988.

British & Colonial Printer. Article on York Printers: 12th September, 1895.

The printers, stationers & bookbinders of York up to 1600 : a paper read before the bibliographical society, May, 1899, E. Gordon Duff . 1900

Catalogue of Books in the Library of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society. 1900.

The Sign of the Crown : Stationers, early printers and bookshops within the minster gates, York. T.P.Cooper. 1925

The First Printer of Tristram Shandy. L.P. Curtis. Pub. of the Modern Language Assoc. of America, XLVII, 1932.

A Sketch of the Origin and Growth of the Printing Craft in Yorkshire. T. Green. 1933.

The Caves of York : Topographical draughtsmen, artists, engravers and copper-plate printers. T.P.Cooper. 1934

Yorkshire Historical Fiction. A Reader's Guide. Frank Beckwith. 1947

William Sessions Ltd. The Story of a Printing House. 1965

The Bibliography of the Early Editions of Tristram Shandy. Kenneth Monkman, 1970.

The Stock of a York Stationer 1538. D.M. Palliser & D.G. Selwyn. The Library, 5th Series, vol. 27. 1972.

Printing in York from the 1490's to the Present Day. William K. & E. Margaret Sessions. 1976

A world of mischief : the King's printer in York in 1642 and in Shrewsbury, 1642-1643 ; with an analysis of all his printed works, together with illustrations and data of those which are extant. William K. Sessions . 1981

Kendrew of York and his Chapbooks for Children. Roger Davies. 1988

York chapbooks and street literature, with a section on Thomas Gent / Ken Spelman . 1990

Some Yorkshire Bookplates. Thomas R. Young. 1991

Stephen Bulkley : peripatetic Royalist printer of London - York - Newcastle - Gateshead - Newcastle & York who died in 1680 and his son John Bulkley who died in 1695. William K. Sessions . 1997

Thomas & Alice Broad(e) : parliamentary printers of York from 1644 and their daughter Hannah. by William K. Sessions . 1998

From 1704 John Jackson I & II & Francis printers at Grape Lane and at Petergate, York . Compiled by Michael H. Sessions, E. Susan Sessions, William K. Sessions. 2004


Books on Hull and District. Kingston upon Hull City Libraries. 1968.

Early Hull printers and booksellers : an account of the printing, bookselling, and allied trades from their beginning to 1840. C.W. Chilton, 1982.


The Early Years of the Leeds Library. V.T. Sternberg. 1879.

Early Leeds printers, publishers and booksellers : an example of the provincial book trade in the eighteenth century. Elizabeth Parr . 1973

The Leeds Library, 1768-1968. Frank Beckwith. 1994


A bibliographical and descriptive tour from Scarborough to the library of a philobiblist, in it's neighbourhood. By John Cole, bookseller, Scarborough / [by] Cole, John, 1792-1848 ; Wrangham, Francis, 1769-1842 . 1824


Whitby Authors and their Publications. Gideon Smales, 1867.

Whitby Writers. Writers of Whitby & District, 1867-1949. Marion Keighley. 1957.

Whitby Inns & Yards...together with a Concise Bibliography of the Town. E. Perry. 1988


The Yorkshire library : a bibliographical account of books on topography, tracts of the seventeenth century, biography, spaws, geology, botany, maps, views, portraits and miscellaneous literature relating to the county of York / with collations and notes on the books and authors by William Boyne 1869. Reprinted in 1974.

Yorkshire Bibliographer. ed. J. Horsfall Turner. 1888.

List of Books in the Local Collection relating to the City and County of York. York Public Library. 1912

Yorkshire printers operating before 1865 : North Riding / compiled by Miss D. Hudson. 1965

Yorkshire authors today: being a checklist of authors born in Yorkshire, together with brief particulars of authors born elsewhere who are currently working or residing in the county ... with their addresses and, where applicable, their pseudonyms. [by] Taylor, Geoffrey Handley . 1972

Engrav'd cards ... of trades-men ... in the County of Yorkshire ... compil'd / with an introduction in the most genteel taste, by Terry Friedman . 1976

Literary Visitors to Yorkshire. Alan Hindle. 1981

Unlawful Societies Act 1799 : printers' registrations in West Yorkshire 1799-1867 / [by] Isaac, Peter C. G. 1994

Yorkshire Maps:

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Catalogue of maps in the Library of the Yorkshire Geological Society / [by] Yorkshire Geological Society . 1910

A descriptive list of the printed maps of Yorkshire and its ridings, 1577-1900 / edited by Harold Whitaker. 1933, reprinted 1971

Catalogue of the maps and plans in the library of the Yorkshire Archæological Society : Leeds, 22nd January, 1937 / Compiled by G. E. Kirk, librarian. 1937

Yorkshire maps and map-makers / by Arthur Raistrick . 1969

Antique maps of Yorkshire and their makers / John E. Rawnsley . 1970

Maps of the ancient parishes of Yorkshire / prepared by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies] . 1976

The maps of Yorkshire, printed in the period 1577-1857, as sources of topographical information / Andrew Kenrick Jones . 1981

Yorkshire maps and plans in the archives of the University of Hull / compiled by Brian Dyson . 1990