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The Whiskey Priest & Band + Jordan Reyne - 15 October 2011

Artist's website:

Whisky Priest:

"This is the kind of honest, and unfussy music that is just too frank and beautiful to not love. If 2008 belonged to Bon Iver, then The Whiskey Priest deserves 2010."

Seth will be playing with his band, and there's the story of their trip over to the UK this October here...

Following a move to Austin in 2003, Texan born songwriter, Seth Woods soon became involved with it’s music scene; forming The Sad Accordions and setting to write their first album. With it nearing completion and the band looking to collectively write the next, Woods’ ongoing songwriting gave him enough material to collect and release in it’s own right. Aided by friend and fellow Austin musician Alex Dupree, the pair gathered friends and set about recording the collection in a church attic in the city.

Wave and Cloud is a simple, beautiful and understated folk record that sparkles with little rays of country throughout.

"The Whiskey Priest have actually managed to do something quite beautiful. Touching, maybe. The nine-minute intro totally shows you what the eleven following songs are going to be like. The whole LP has a raw emotion to it. It's a kind of strange mixture. The soulful voice, the Damien Rice-like passive style, the emotional lyrics and the purity in the music make this album something quite unique..."

Interview with Seth... read it here

Jordan Reyne: - industrial-tinged celtic folk, from the edges of the earth

To say Jordan Reyne has had an interesting life would be an understatement. From mixing and mastering her own albums in a caravan park to working with Café del Mar, DJ supremo and radio and television presenter Zane Lowe, and the second Lord of the Rings film, the British born musician takes life in her stride. Recently moved to London to launch her latest album, Children of a Factory Nation, and has just made her British debut at Glastonbury on June 22, Jordan heralds all that is good in music. Her taste for innovation brings to mind Imogen Heap, while her love of celitc melody and folk stories has echoes of Steeleye Span. Jordan has the power to lure and fascinate – to pull the listener into a world of haunted past lives.

Hailed by New Zealand's National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordans music has been variously described as "celtic industrial", "folk noir" and "Antipodean Steampunk" yet defies any cut and dried description.

Jordan's music blends melodic vocals with urban and industrial found sound. She specializes in narrative and concept albums where the characters are placed in re-creations of their sonic context. from factory noise to transport sounds and argricultural machinery, Reyne blends celtic melody with story to create a sound that has recieved worldwide acclaim.

"An enchanting patchwork of ethereal harmony, unabashed gothic melody, and a cerebral songwriting swagger, ‘The Ironman’ is simply stunning. A thoroughly unique work of art from start to finish. Whether by hook or crook, you MUST own this album. RATING – 5 / 5”— Channel 4 (UK)