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Richard Walters & Adam Barnes - October 6th 2012

Artist's website: Richard Walters / Adam Barnes

Richard Walters: "sings in such a beautifully gentle falsetto, without theatrics or histrionics, like a choirboy, when he really hits the high notes, that the subjects of his songs might come as a surprise. This is someone who sings about “losing the plot” or having a seizure, about the anxiety you feel at the start of a new affair, or about domestic abuse from the point of view of the abuser.

Richard Walters, at 29 years old, has been performing for over a decade, and has been a voice-for-hire for many prominent musical projects. He has released two full length albums – ‘The Animal’ in 2009 and ‘Pacing’ in 2011 – and his music has featured on the soundtracks of world eating US TV shows ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘CSI: Miami’ and ‘So You think You Can Dance…America’.

His voice, reminiscent of early-period Judee Sill and late-period Billy Mackenzie, in the way that it transmutes feelings of dread into a sort of ecclesiastical awe, could so easily have lost control but it hasn’t: it intimates, teases and hints as often as it swoops and soars. Richard Walters writes songs which manage to sound moreish and accessible while having an indefinable experimental, even avant-garde quality, with the odd texture and stray curlicue of synth noise upsetting the order of the melody, and adding to the sense of these songs as (ok) computer reveries. It’s as though Radiohead had suddenly decided to cover the aching, easy-listening melodies of ‘70s soft-rock superstars Bread.

You’re moved, but quietly disturbed, by the music of Richard Walters, his gently powerful, powerfully gentle songs.”

"Adam Barnes is a Oxford born songwriter and performer, currently residing as part of the countryside that surrounds the city Oxford, laid resting as a folk artist, a haunting songwriter and a honest performer waiting for some more people to take a step back and listen in. " Born from the acoustic project 'Motion In Colour', Adam Barnes takes the experience gained from years worth of gigging to work on a solo project, with strong influences from the American folk movement, following the stylings of Bon Iver, William Fitzsimmons, Joe Purdy and many others, he creates soft melodied folk songs that really tug on your heart strings.

He played as part of a sold out show here last year, and even used tracks recorded live from that set on his new record. He has signs of the vocal skills of Willy Mason, and shows why many are describing him as a young Frank Turner.