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Garrison Starr & P.J. Pacifico - April 12th 2014

Artists' websites: Garrison Starr / P.J. Pacifico

Garrison Starr:

To say that Garrison Starr knows her way around the industry would be an understatement. Hailing from Hernando, MS, she released her major label debut, 18 Over Me, in 1997 for Geffen and the rest is history. Her career has taken her from rooms of 12 people (at which she received a standing ovation) to touring with her idols in amphitheaters and back again. But she’s not just a road dog. Starr is a writer and performer with a knack for “marrying pop smarts and Americana grit with a voice of remarkable power and clarity”( 2012).

For her seventh full length, Amateur, Garrison decided to do something different. She threw the idea of labels out the window and released this record on her own. Her follow up to 2010’s live effort ReLive was completely fan funded via and contains some of Starr’s most intimate songs to date. Spanning 13 tracks and co-writers such as Kevin Devine and Mary Chapin Carpenter, Garrison delves into her personal life to take the listener on a journey of heartbreak, self discovery, and her own vision of perseverance. While Starr is anything but an Amateur, her current effort puts everything in a new perspective for her, including getting her fans involved.

“I was really nervous doing this, putting my art directly in the hands of my fans. But they really came through and it was such an amazing experience. I’m so glad that I can share this experience with my fans and without anyone acting as a go-between. Its just me, and my fans. Connecting. The way music was intended. I’ve lost faith in the business, but not in the music. And not in my fans….. You know, there’s a line in “a beautiful mind” that I always remember… the wife is at the end of her rope with her husband’s disease, his disillusionment, and she says “I have to believe extraordinary things are possible”. That’s how I know I have to keep moving forward.”

“Very special... an organic songstress able to grab an unsuspecting crowd in the palm of her hand with only an acoustic guitar as her

P.J. Pacifico:

With an American Songwriter Exclusive preview and a Daytrotter Session online, singer-songwriter P.J. Pacifico celebrates the November 5th release of his five-song Viper EP ‘Overlooking the Obvious’. The confident collection marks a fresh start for Pacifico – a new producer, new studio, new collaborators -- and features a co-write with Stephen Kellogg (of Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers,) two songs written with Garrison Starr, and one with Kit Karlson (of SK6ers,) who also Produced the EP. Pacifico is joined by a fresh line-up of guest musicians as well, including members of the Alternate Routes and SK6ers.

P.J. Pacifico has built a name for himself over the past few years, gaining credibility in indie singer/songwriter circles for his serene and thoughtful brand of introspective folk/pop. Pacifico is a fan and critic’s favorite, and has even earned the admiration of club owners across the U.S.

Over the past couple of years, Pacifico has evolved from beloved under-the-radar, Connecticut-based road warrior to an International-profile indie to be reckoned with, praised in such media outlets as M Music & Musicians Magazine, iTunes Editorial, and scores of other print, web and television placements throughout the U.S. Reviewers have repeatedly compared him to Paul Simon, James Taylor, Matthew Sweet and others, while embracing his live performance chops and upbeat, radio-friendly songwriting...