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Catherine Feeny & Sebastian Rogers - 28 July 2012

Artist's website:

In the fall of 2011, West coast singer-songwriter Catherine Feeny travelled to the financial district of New York City to sleep in a small privately-owned public park. She staid for 5 weeks, getting to know some of the other hundreds that were there; sharing ideas, gaining new understanding, and nurturing a growing hope for change. It was a roller coaster -- from the dizzy excitement of communing with thousands of people in Times Square and Washington Square Park, to the frightening confrontation of brute force as she was arrested in Zuccotti Park.

This galvanizing experience inspired Feeny's fourth solo album, "America," due out early this fall. A bold and haunting statement about a nation on a precipice, "America" deftly juxtaposes the fragile beauty of hope with the menace of arrogance and corruption.

Feeny's music has been featured in the film "Running with Scissors," as well as successful television series' "The O.C." and "One Tree Hill." She has toured extensively, supporting the likes of The Indigo Girls, John Prine and Wilco. Her appearance at House Concerts of York is one of only three exclusive performances she will give in England this summer.

We are delighted to welcome back Catherine & Sebastian who played a sell out show here back in 2009, and which was reviewed below:

"THE INTIMATE, almost exclusive setting of a house concert is the perfect venue to savour an up and coming artist of the calibre of Catherine Feeny.

Sitting within a few feet of the performer, you could hear every note played, and fully appreciate the level of vocal control involved. Feeny’s songs are often those of an exile, having spent years in chilly Norfolk looking out to sea. She is at her best when singing more downcast material, which particularly suited her low key, quietly devastating delivery – sounding somewhere between Joni Mitchell and Billie Holiday – and well demonstrated on No Reply from 2006’s Hurricane Glass.

Mercifully free of histrionics, much of her power comes from the hypnotic effect of her fingerpicking style, but more from the emotional weight attached to her lyrics – with opening lines like “I've got the shitty beach town blues” from The Mighty Whale and Abraham hitting the listener squarely between the ears.

[The gig also] showcased her husband and producer Sebastian Rogers’ wonderful guitar playing. They looked a happy couple; she wearing the boots, him in socks, and the combined effect of voice and two guitars was stunning."