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J.P. Cooper & T.G. Elias - 2 February 2013

Artist's website: J.P. Cooper / T.G. Elias

J.P. Cooper

Playing a blend of folk, blues, soul and gospel; JP Cooper is an intriguing prospect amongst aspiring British singer-songwriters. Listening to him perform, either alone or with his band, bears witness to an honesty, intensity and power evoked via the simplest of orchestration.

His soulfully expressive, unique vocal style, the kind that cuts through a room to hush a chattering crowd in seconds, is utterly bewitching. His unexpected vocal flights hardly prepare you for the intimacy and empathy to follow, and coupled with a clutch of sensational songs, you will find it almost impossible to believe that he has only been writing seriously for two years and performing solo for barely one.

Comparisons are yet to be made (although they inevitably will be..), but there is nothing derivative about his voice or his songwriting.

Emerging from the wreckage of various noughties Manchester music acts – most notably, the hotly-tipped band Eskimo Cowboy three years ago – JP Cooper has, in the past 12 months, finally found his true musical calling as a solo performer of beguiling soul-folk talents.

Announcing his arrival with a debut EP back in January, the solo Cooper instantly drew Manc music audiences into his nostalgic world: a place of human warmth, soul-caressing vocals and sublimely crafted songs that join the dots between Donny Hathaway, Bill Withers and John Mayer.

n a current pop age where faux-vintage soul artists are hardly thin in the ground, what Cooper uniquely brings to the mix is a sense of wide-eyed wonderment.

"JP cuts a cool figure, impeccably turned out amongst our ramshackle apres surf chic. From the second he starts singing the lucky few in attendance were silent throughout. JP’s would give worldwide phenomenons like John Legend a serious run for their money in the vocal stakes. He has such control and a huge range that it’s had to process exactly what he’s doing. At time all I could do was just puff my cheeks out. We were treated to a few new songs as well as more familiar ones like opener ‘Oh Brother’. But throughout we were either amazed by his musical ability or drawn in by his personable stories between songs. JP comes across as a really nice guy and is a credit to himself. Personally I can’t wait to see him again." [Review 2012]

T.G. Elias

“T G Elias is something of a folk genius, combining intercontinental sounds with his own brand of homespun romance.”

T.G. Elias is a prolific writer and performer whose distinctive, subtle and powerful voice holds audiences spellbound with his mesmerizing performances.

Drawing from his deeply rooted relationship with Gospel, Country and Blues, the result is a collection of candid tales and life stories, served up by a journeyman with an understated raw emotion.