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Cara Luft & Hugh McMillan- 17 November 2008

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Cara Luft: "This is her time, this is her year and THIS is the album. Ladies and Gentlemen, make room in your music world for Cara Luft. Songwriting as good as any I heard in all of 2006, begins my 2007... and just when you think you've got her style and passion nailed down she busts out in a completely different direction. Take the song Theres a train... it's like a modern day version of Buffalo Springfield's Bluebird... soft, gentle folksy beginning and then 3 minutes in, the song kicks into a rocking finish that stays with you long after the cd is over. And that's just the first track on The Light Fantastic. As I said, make room for Cara Luft...before she kicks your door down!"

A powerfully elegant guitarist, Cara favours a variety of open tunings and also enjoys branching out into mandolin and clawhammer banjo. Her writing is a blend of social commentary, imagination, and rhythmic intensity, and her distinctive voice penetrates listeners to the core. In performance she balances pathos with joy, telling invariably hilarious stories between poignant songs, simultaneously managing complex retunings of her guitar.

In 2002, Cara joined forces with two other female artists to form the Wailin' Jennys. Along with a third of the songwriting duties, she was the instrumental anchor and a major contributor to their renowned vocal harmony arrangements. She earned the epithet "Jenny Van Halen" being known as much for her vibrant comical demeanor as for her powerful guitar playing. Two Jennys' albums resulted, the second of which, 40 Days, was awarded a Juno Award for Best Roots Album (Group) in 2005. Her decision to follow her own muse was taken after three years of touring and recording with the trio, finding she needed to honour her core beliefs and views. The body of work that is The Light Fantastic is a testament to the wisdom of this difficult choice and is receiving strong critical praise and listener response, live and on record.

With an insatiable thirst for touring and performing, Cara reaches out to people in that magical, wonderful way that music does, from beginning of show to final encore.

The Light Fantastic marks Cara's welcome return to the solo trail. A set of songs written during nearly a year long post-Jennys sabbatical, they cover topics ranging from her annoyance with trite lifestyles (Give it Up) to deep spiritual reflection (Jerusalem) and imaginative exploration (The Light). She chose Canadian rock star Neil Osborne to produce the album, relying upon his experience in that genre to bring a fresh slant to folk recording. Bringing together a group of seasoned Canadian folk and roots musicians to form a solid basic ensemble, laying down the main tracks live Òoff the floorÓ gives the songs a life and vitality that is unparalleled. Filling the sound out with violin, viola, pedal steel, tablas, and a wide range of vocal harmony, the album was mixed by renowned mix engineer Warne Livesy, and mastered by the sensitive genius Joao Carvalho. The Light Fantastic is a cornucopia of sonic delight, illuminating the path to the vast reservoir of soulful intensity that is Cara Luft.