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Delta Maid & Jasmine Kennedy - 28 October 2011

Artist's website:

Feted by Ray LaMontagne and a hot tip for this summer's festivals, Delta Maid was brought up on country music. She played one of her first shows here a couple of year's ago, supporting Beth Jeans Houghton, and we're delighted to welcome her back, accompanied by the brilliant London based guitarist Michael Jablonka.

Katie Foulkes is a 25-year-old from Wavetree in Liverpool who favours the sounds of the Mississippi over Mersey beats. She renamed herself Delta Maid in honour of her bluesy ouevre. Plus it sounds better than Mersey Bird. She has toured completely solo as support to Seth Lakeman, Ray LaMontagne, Ellie Goulding, Martha Wainwright and even Gary Barlow, who was impressed enough to sign her to his management company. Signed to Geffen, her self-written debut album Outside Looking In has just been released.

Featured in The Independent [June 2011] - read the full article here.

" The monumentally strong positive vibe around Delta Maid is something that is emphatically enjoyable and refreshing in the modern era of music. Hailing from the musically rich shores of the Mersey in Liverpool, there must be something in the water there, this young, blonde, blues-woman has been touring the length and breadth of the country with her vivaciously jolly, upbeat and most importantly traditional take on delta and blues rock.

So, with great pleasure, M&B can present an advanced preview of her upcoming debut album, Outside Looking In released on the 9th of May. Acting as what will surely be a massive springboard for the commercial success of this young artist, Outside Looking In is fine example of what, how, where, why and when a debut album of a musically conscious act should release in this topsy-turvy world of music.

A country and blues album first and foremost, the album debuts with “Broken Branches,” a softly spoken, lightly finger plucked blues based track that shines a wonderfully warm and welcoming summer’s glow on the rest of the album. The southpaw, southern charms of Delta continue through “Spend a Little Time,” “Running on Empty” and “All I Dreamed” each a masterfully crafted arc of mild bourbon flavoured country that can’t help but make even the hardest of listener’s foot tap gently." [Album Review 2011]

Jasmine Kennedy:

‘Introspective, contemplative, armed with a voice to stop you in your tracks.’

Jasmine Kennedy is an acoustic singer/songwriter who sings from the heart; her lyrics a collection of throw away observations and bittersweet tales from the teenage heart which possess a remarkable power to stun an audience in to silence. In 2009 her debut album ‘I Don’t Have An Uncle Pat’ was self-released and she spent 2010 sharing stages with the likes of Seasick Steve, James, Example and Frightened Rabbit. Potentially the next Tracy Chapman, this 18-year-old has immense talent and an endearing charm.

‘Jasmine’s voice is worth the early wake up alone. Warm, husky, unique and under perfect control it is difficult to believe she is just 18. There’s a casual ease with lyrics, a collection of throw away observations and bitter-sweet tales from the teenage heart and within that there is a remarkable power that leaves the eight or so hundred people here in silence.’