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Jay Nash, Joey Ryan, and ambeR rubarth - 26th October 2008

Artist's website:

Jay Nash makes music that is warm, soulful, energetic, intelligent, just a little bit country, just a little bit rock. It is most certainly the kind of music you'd want to hear wafting from the speakers of your convertible, while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway on a warm summer Sunday afternoon. His new release The Things You Think You Need — his seventh studio album - reached number 22 on the iTunes Rock Chart, just 48 hours after the release. An even more impressive accomplishment as he is the only completely independent artist on the chart, dominated as it is by major label acts.

"The album is truly superb. It is also a clear reflection of the artist himself; down-to-earth, playful, witty and occasionally profound, grounded but sentimental, sensual but intelligent, romantic but only in passing… The Things You Think You Need is definitely something you'll think you need after just one listen; and Jay Nash is doubtless an artist you will want to get better acquainted with… Nash's deep, gravelly vocals will remind you of the sadness of Hank Williams, the sensuality of Marvin Gaye, and the tenderness of an adoring lover."

"Jay Nash's new album 'The Things You Think You Need' is a must have. Soul soothing music that will calm your inner beast even in bumper to bumper traffic. Jay's music conjours up similarities somewhere between John Mayer, Johnny Cash, Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson."

Joey Ryan: if his name is not so familiar over here in the UK then his songs are - most recently 'Let You Go' which is is currently airing on a Wrigleys Extra advert sponsoring the hit show Hollyoaks - you know the one... "I went up the mountain to drink at the fountain" Two other songs have featured on the TV show One Tree Hill, and the little indie movie BELLA that came from nowhere to win the Toronto International Film Festival, includes two more of his songs, 'No One Else Like You' and 'Light On'.

ambeR rubarth's star is rising fast. A gifted songwriter with a terrific stage presence she has been wooing fans from coast to coast in her native USA, and we got in first to get this slot in her Autumn UK tour.

After 3 years of sculpting wood as an apprentice at a little shop in Carson City, Amber Rubarth had a late-night conversation with her mentor who told her the most important thing he had learned in life was for a person to follow their number one passion. Amber said something along the lines of "Thank you, I am quitting and doing music then," and off she went, trading her chainsaw for a guitar and teaching herself to write songs.

Her debut record was lauded as "Top 10 of 2005" in The Owl Mag (alongside Kanye West, Fiona Apple and Jack Johnson). She toured non-stop across the US and Europe, fine-tuning her own style of songs that beamed a refreshing mixture of vulnerability and courage, melancholia and optimism. "Washing Day" (co-written with Adam Levy) was awarded 1st Place in the International Songwriting Competition (Lyrics), judged by masters of their craft such as Tom Waits and Brian Wilson. The music video for the song was selected for this year's SXSW festival, alongside videos for Thom Yorke and Weird Al Yankovic.

As Music Connection (who put her in their Hot 100 Artists this year) says, Rubarth has "excellent mastery of the guitar, equally impressive on piano.. and a soaring voice that can belt out any tune... she may become unstoppable."

Recent plaudits include:

- 1st place winner of International Songwriting Contest (judged by Tom Waits, Brian Wilson, Robert Plant...) for "Washing Day"

- music video chosen as 1 of 20 to debut on the big screen at sxsw

- NPR did a feature on "You Will Love This Song" - saying "I was attracted by the honesty and the humor in a song by Amber Rubarth... This one had charm and a story that drew me in..."

- "Novacaine" featured in new ABC TV series "Samantha Who"

- Winner of American Songwriting Contest