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Although we have always specialised in Art, Design, Gardening, Travels to Italy, as well as Manuscripts & rare Ephemera, over the years books on many other subjects have passed through the doors, and out to our customers - here are just a few - all they have in common is that each one was in fine original condition - and was not in one of our specialist areas.


A wonderful 15th Century Book of Hours - once owned by Napoleon

Alexander Benedictus. Diaria de Bello Carolino. In a superb Thouvenin binding. 1496.

Voragine, Jacobus de. Legenda Hec Aurea. 1509.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Opera Rhetorica. 1511.

Fuchs, Leonard. Plantarum Effigies. 1551.

Agricola. De Re Metallica 1561

Tacitus. The Ende of Nero and the Beginning of Galba. 1591.

Kitchin, John. Le Court Leete & Courte Baron. 1592.

Lambarde, William. Eirenarcha: or of the office of the iustices of peace, in foure bookes. 1599. A wonderful Elizabethan association copy, with many literary resonances, and owned by Marlowe’s reputed lover Thomas Walsingham.


Spenser, Edmund. The Faerie Queen. 1611.

Speed, John. The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine. 1612.

Overbury. A Wife Now The Widow. 1614.

Boccaccio, Giovanni. [The Decameron]. fine copy, folio. 1625.

Virgil. The Thirteene Bookes of Aenidos. 1620.

Machiavelli, Niccolo. [The] Prince. First English edition.. Superb copy. 1640.

Hebrew Psalms. Liber Psalmorum, Hebraice, cum versione Latina Santis Pagnini. 1648.

Virgil. The Works. Fine copy. folio. 1654.

Boyle, Robert. Some Considerations ... Natural Philosophy. First edition, extra-illustrated. 1663.

La Chambre, Marin. The Art How to Know Men. 1665.

Barlow, (Francis) Multae et diversae Avium Species. 1671.

Elshotz, Johann. The Curious Distillatory. 1677. A superb copy in original sheep binding.

Houghton, Thomas. Rara Avis in Terris. 1681.

Crouch, Nathaniel. Wonderful Prodigies of Judgment and Mercy. 1685.

Shakespeare, William. Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies. Fourth folio. 1685.

Chardin, John. The Travels... into Persia. 1686.

Head, Richard. The Life and Death of Mother Shipton. 1687.

Holder, William. A Discourse Concerning Time. 1694.

[Locke, John]. Two Treatises of Government. 1698.


The 'Kilmarnock' edition of Burns's Poems, 1786 - Presented to William Wordsworth

Le Bruyn, Corneille. A Voyage to the Levant. 1702.

Ogilby, John. Britannia Depicta; or Ogilby Improv’d.. 1720.

Chaucer, Geoffrey. The Works. 1721. B.R. Haydon's annotated copy.

[Beverley, Robert]. The History of Virginia, in four parts. 1722.

Estate Plans of S. Paolo d'Argon near Bergamo. 90 single, and 24 double-page coloured plans. 1729-31

Brickell, John - The Natural History of North-Carolina. 1737.

Wright, J. Spiritual Songs for Children. Fine copy. 1738.

Anson, George. A Voyage Round the World in the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV.

Thomson, James. (1700-1748) - A remarkable collection of books by and relating to the eighteenth century English poet James Thomson.

Richardson, Samuel. Meditations Collected from the Sacred Books. 1750.

Burton, John. An Essay Towards a Complete New System of Midwifry, Theoretical and Practical. 1751.

Fielding, Henry. Amelia. First edition. 1752. George II's mistress's copy.

Green, George. The Life of Mr John Van. 1757.

Beddoes, Thomas. Notice of Some Observations made at the Medical Pneumatic Institution. 1759.

Hanway, Jonas. Thoughts on the Use & Advantages of Music. Superb Hanway binding. 1765.

Gherardi, Giovanni. A Third Book of French Country Dances. 1770. The dedicatee's copy in superb presentation binding.

Morley, Thomas. A Plain and Easy Introduction to Practical Music. 1771. Fine copy.

Barlow, Francis. Barlow’s Birds and Beasts, in Sixty-Seven Excellent and Useful Prints. 1775.

Wilson, Richard. (1713-1782) Landscape Views of Wales. 1775.

Bailey, William. One Hundred and Six Copper Plates of Mechanical Machines and Implements of Husbandry. 1782.

Wedgwood, Josiah. An Address to the Workmen in the Pottery, on the subject of entering into the service of foreign manufacturers. 1783.

Lunardi, Vincent. An Account of the First Aerial Voyage in England. 1784. Superb gilt calf.

Meares, John,. Voyages Made in the Years 1788 and 1789.

Bewick, Thomas. A General History of Quadrupeds. First edition. 1790.


Poe, Edgar Allan. Tales of the Grotesque. 1840.

Girtin, Thomas. A Selection of Twenty of the Most Picturesque Views in Paris and its Environs. 1803.

Nattes, John Claude. Bath Illustrated by a Series of Views. 1806.

Austen, Jane. Pride & Prejudice. First edition. 1813. A superb copy in fine binding.,

Austen, Jane. A complete set of the novels, all in first edition, in matching bindings.

Wordsworth, William. The Excursion, being a portion of the Recluse, a Poem. First edition. 1814.

Loudon, J.C. Remarks on the Construction of Hothouses. 1817.

James Mudie's National Medals. A fine set of all 40 bronze medals, in two fitted trays contained in the original red gilt morocco book-box, with original gilt edges and fastenings. 1820.

A fine Regency English Travelling Library. 40 volumes in original glazed travelling case. 1824-1831.

Baynes, Thomas Mann. Trench, Lieut.-Col. Sir F. W., A Lithographic Sketch of the North Bank of the Thames, from Westminster Bridge to London Bridge, shewing the proposed Quay, and some other improvements. 1825.

Milton, John. The Paradise Lost... engraved by John Martin. 1827.

Constable, John. Various Subjects of Landscape, Characteristic of English Scenery, from Pictures Painted by John Constable, R.A. Engraved by David Lucas. 1830. Annotated by Constable.

Clare, John. Original three-quarter length watercolour portrait. c1830.

Cooper, Thomas Sidney. Groups of Cattle, Drawn from Nature. 1839.

Catlin, George. Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Condition of the North American Indians. 1841.

Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol. First edition. A superb copy in original cloth.

Hooker, W.J. Niger Flora; or, an Enumeration of the Plants of Western Tropical Africa, collected by the late Dr Theodore Vogel. 1849

Roberts, David. The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt, & Nubia. London: Day & Son, 1855-56.

Livingstone, David & Charles. Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi and its Tributaries; and of the Discovery of the Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa. 1858-1864.

Darwin, Charles. On the Origin of the Species. 1866.

Eliot, George. Middlemarch. First edition. 1872. A superb set.

Ward, Marcus. An exceptional collection of albums of colour printed ephemeral material, with 160 separate items, all very neatly mounted in 3 albums and one paper ‘Odd Lots’ folder. 1885-1890.


Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Signed, Cranford edition. 1926.

Blunden, Edmund. A remarkable collection of original typescripts. 1921-1926.

Graves, Robert. Unrecorded autograph manuscript of his poem, Storm: At the Farm Window. 1921.

Lawence, T.E. Collection of letters. 1921.

Eliot, T.S. A superb collection of 65 original letters, 1937-1950.

Waugh, Evelyn. Brideshead Revisited. First edition. 1945.

Gill, Eric. Engravings. Bristol: Douglas Cleverdon, 1929

Heaney, Seamus. A collection of all the major poetry volumes, fine in dust-wrappers.

Auden, W.H. Selection from Poems by Auden. Lithographs by Henry Moore. Number 24 of 150 copies of Edition B, signed by Henry Moore and accompanied by four loose images signed and numbered by the artist. 1974.